A pot of broth

A mangled yarn, a salmagundi
This hybrid, this mosaic, this gallimaufry,
These odds and ends
This pot pourri
This jumble, this miscellany
‘Tis but a pot of broth


Years ago – it would have been around 1955 –  at Moreland High School, we studied – and acted out –  an Irish play entitled A Pot of Broth, by the poet and playwright W.B.Yeats. .  The play’s central character was a ne’er-do-well, a con artist, who arrives on the doorstep of a good farmer, claiming that he can produce the most beautiful broth  imaginable using just water and a magic stone in his possession. He places the magic stone in the saucepan of water  on the stove, then persuades the farmer to provide carrots and potato, beans and cabbage, peas and corn to add add to the brew.

For this Pot of Broth, I’ll provide all of the ingredients. Those of you who know me can ignore the paragraphs and information that follows.

I was born in 1943. My name is Barry William Carozzi. I am, in no particular order:

  • A teacher:      I currently teach English at Warrandyte High School, and have done since 2009. I began my teaching career at Glenroy Technical School in northern Melbourne, Australia, in 1965. I have taught Secondary English in a number of schools; I have taught Professional Writing and Editing in the TAFE system in Victoria, Australia, for over 20 years; I have also taught in Dip.Ed and B.Ed courses at Melbourne and Latrobe Universities. I was principal of Broadmeadows Technical School (1985-88) and of Alphington Grammar School (1992-4).
  • A father:         I have five children: Piers Nicolas Carozzi (born 1971), Erin Jon Carozzi (born 1973), Dane Matthew Carozzi (born 1976), Jordan Steinkrug Carozzi (born 1998) and Tanner Steinkrug Carozzi (born 2003)
  • A writer:         I was first published in 1970. I have published roughly 70 books. I have written textbooks for secondary English, a Spelling text for primary and secondary schools,  short stories and novels for children, a school history, article on teaching and learning … My most recent publications are a series of books in Macmillan’s Make Your Mark series, a set of texts intended for use by students and teachers of VCE English.
  • An Editor and Ghost Writer
  • Songwriter and Singer      I have loved music all my life, but – apart from an unsatisfying year spent learning to play the banjo mandolin –  came to play an instrument – the guitar – in my thirties. In the late 1990s the ukulele became my preferred instrument – especially for song composition.
  • A PhD student:        I am currently enrolled in PhD studies at Swinburne University. The working title of my thesis is   A Cuckoo in the Nest – the lived experience of Late Discovery Adoptees.
  • A Late Discovery Adoptee:       In July, 2009, at the age of 66, I discovered that Barry William Carozzi had become my name when I was adopted. For the three months prior to my adoption I was known as Richard Charles Bertram, the name given to me by my birth mother, Gwendoline Esther Bertram.

A Pot of Broth will be published as often as I can manage to find the time and energy – and the technical expertise – to add material to the site.  It will include new material along with writings drawn from across my lifetime.

Thus far, I have identified the following likely categories:

  • Autobiographical writings
  • Writings on the issue of adoption. This will include extracts from my thesis.
  • Family History
  • Writings on teaching, under the grab-bag heading: Fifty years of more – a Teacher’s Life
  • Fiction writing: short stories
  • Poetry
  • Reviews and criticism
  • Travel writing
  • Opinion pieces
  • Reflections on the processes of writing
  • People, places and times

I invite  readers of this blog to comment at any time.


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