6. The Ukulele Blues

The song Ukulele Blues dates back to 2006. It was written during the years that Myron Lysenko and I were involved in creating The Ukulele Revolution. Ukuleles provoke one of two reactions: delight or disdain. The songs explore this emotional binary.

Link to a recording of The Ukulele Blues.

Ukulele Blues


The Ukulele Blues

Everybody says I’m crazy
They think I’m crackers
And just maybe
That’s why I’ve got the Ukulele Blues

People stare and point their fingers
It’s so sad how ridicule lingers
Now I’ve got the Ukulele Blues

Maybe I’m just being deluded
I keep on feeling like I’m being excluded
I can’t find a club for my Ukulele and me
(Where we could be)


People stare and they say ‘Look at him.
Who does he think he is? Tiny Tim?
And now I’ve got the Ukulele Blues

Maybe I join a Ukulele Orchestra
Can someone please me where I can register
Maybe that’s where I’ll find my destiny
I’ll wait & see

Well I don’t mind, no I don’t care
If everybody thinks that I’m a square
I reckon that I’ll be all right
And I can’t wait till Saturday night
I’ll stand on a corner & sing the Ukulele Blues…


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